Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I just wrote this entire blog and then accidentally deleted it, so we are going to try it again.

Marathon training began again a couple of weeks ago, I have a new mantra for this season.  "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"!! I would like to take credit for this inspirational thought, but I actually heard Jillian Michaels say it while doing one of her yoga workouts.  As I type this, I realize that doesn't fit for running but for life in general.   I recently started a new job that I have no experience in and am definitely not "comfortable", but it is fun and exciting to try something new and am enjoying it.

 Enough of that,  let see a few pictures from this weeks runs.
This is from a 25k progression run with Hillary on Sunday morning. It's about 7:15 here,  I don't care what anyone says about Oklahoma, you can not beat the sunrises and sunsets.
8 Miles Monday morning with Brigitte.  It was much too early for a sunrise.
I went crazy on fruit cutting and bagging for our lunches this week.
Apparently,  if you carry you iPhone in your pocket with you while you run or walk it tracks you steps.   During a 25k you take approximately 27,156 steps!!

Getting up super early for a 7 mile tempo run, so I must get ready for bed.   Gotta rest up for " Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable".

I promise I'll stop saying that now!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back to Blogging

So, I just pulled up my blog to see how long it had been since I posted and it has been almost a year!! A YEAR!! One of my goals for the New Years is to get back to the blog world-- so here we go:)
Nothing much to keep up on- I"ve ran a few marathon's, one ultra, and changed careers-not much at all!  S0.. Let's get to it.

  I started an Advanced Marathon Training this last year- this is my second season, it is super great but also pretty intense.  Two weeks ago I was not in training and ran 12 miles all week, last week was the first week of AMT-- I ran 41 miles!! It is crazy but really fun.

This is mi amiga Hillary and me today on a 14 miles run in 67 degree weather.
I'm not going to lie- I am feeling really sore right now.  14 miles felt really good at the time, but not so great right now.
   Feeling kind of random tonight since I haven't posted in a while. Here's is picture of my big brother and me during Thanksgiving or something at my folks house.  All the kids think we look just alike-- I'm not sure I see it!  Ha

 One more great photo of a super early morning run with my girls-  You can't see Cindy because she is taking the photo( she takes incredible photos), but it is seriously one of my favorites.

All right- going to keep this one short and sweet, just a little practice to get back in the swing of thing and I'll see you all tomorrow!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Big D

Had a girls weekend this last weekend in Dallas with Brigitte and Hillary.   While we were there we went ahead and ran the Big D marathon.   No biggie!!  We had a great trip...  Drove down on Saturday morning and picked up our packets. 
Then headed to the West end to the Holocaust museum 
Then to the Galleria for some shopping and some food.
We got up early Sunday morning and headed to the Fair Parks in Dallas for the marathon.   It's a relatively small marathon so there was no expo. However, they did have a lot of vendors at the actual marathon.  That was fun to have something to look at while you are waiting for the start, Right when it was time to start running it started pouring down rain.   
AND it rained pretty much the entire 5 hours.  SO..... It was not the most comfortable of marathons. However, all three of us set a personal record so it was for sure a success.    
Afterwards,we got into some dry clothes and headed straight to Get a burger. 
Animal style.!!!  I haven't had a burger in a long time and it was really, really good.  Let me tell you what was not good....... The ride home.  So apparently running 26.2 miles and getting in a car and driving 4 hours is not the greatest of ideas.  The conversation got a little crazy with delirioum ...
I tried to choke myself with a medal.. We Finally got home and I hit up my BFFs little girls first birthday party.  I was only 3.5 hours late( yes I know that is horrible) but, I got to say hi to Natalie before I headed home and got directly into bed.  Unfortunately, I was not able to sleep much so I am exhausted and extremely sore today.   Tomorrow will be better,  had a great weekend with the girls---can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Patience is a virtue!!

It has always been said that patience is a virtue- I guess that makes me the opposite of virtuous,becuse my patience level is at an all time low.  A new employee at work asked me where the lemons were this week and literally said--"YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THE LEMONS ARE??? DID YOU PAY ATTENTION AT ALL DURING TRAINING!"   Yea- so a little extreme- but really- you don't know where the lemons are!!   Try the walk in dummy!!
Picture of our group run on Saturday!! It was 20 miles for me- with golf ball hill included. It was a great run, 1st marathon for the season is in less then two weeks and I feel ready! It was a very exciting run, we found a dog and called the owner, saw someones underwear and then their shirt.  Was expecting to see a naked person but luckily that never happened!!

Monday, I was not having a good day, so I decided to stop at Whole Foods for something special for dinner.I got a cheddar jalapeno salmon burger patty. While it sounds and looks delicious  it tasted remarkably like the tuna patties my mom made when we were kids.  However, I did get this...
It has changed my life. Since I have been "clean" eating, I have been struggling to find chocolate that fits in my diet but doesn't taste like bakers chocolate.  I have finally found it and it has made my week just that much better!!

These are my friends Phillip and Holly, they have been trying to use the pictured coupon for 3 years.  Everytime they would try and use it the restaurant would find a loophole and tells them no.  Well, Saturday night ther were finally able to use it and I was luck enough to be there for their joyous moment. Look how happy they are!

On that note, Larry finally got home last night- he's been gone for three weeks- so hopefully the next blog will be about the huge garden that we just planted. Weather willing!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sod Farms and the smartest dog ever!!

Now, I know that many of you have heard stories about Shadow and the havoc that he wreaks around the house but, I always tell everyone that he is not just a big, dumb dog, but actually an evil genius that is able to manipulate both people and inanimate objects to get his way.  For example, his ability to get in and out of doors that are shut, the way he can somehow eat any item that is left out in the house no matter where it is stored.  The fact that he loves both bread and chocolate solidifies his intelligence with me,  but Tuesday night I think he has proven all his critics wrong.  Only a genius dog can put his own seatbelt on.   
Brad had taken him to Turkey Mountain and he said he looked over and his seatbelt was on.  Notice the concerned look on his face --it's probably Brad's driving, I feel that way when I ride in the car with him also.  

Yesterday, I met my friend Brigitte at 5 am for a 6.7 mile run.  We met at her house and ran in Bixby-- the different scenery was nice except they have ton of sod farms which I think is really dull farming.  If you don't know what a sod farm looks like--
There ya go--pretty exciting uh!!

Afterwards, I had lunch with my mom, son, nieces and nephew,  always a good time.  The kids are very entertaining togther.  My Mom just started a run/walk group-  I'm very excited for her, I have enjoyed my marathon training groups so much, I hope she feels the same about her new group.

Everyone is exhausted around here tonight,  I got up to run but couldnt get out of bed, unfortunately I didn't go back to sleep either.  The good news is that I ran this afternoon and the weather was PERFECT!!!  I forgot my phone so there are no pictures but trust me it was awesome.   I was going to share a recipe but I think I will put that off for a few days--  I'm afraid it's past my bedtime.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Running against the wind!!

What a great weekend I had.  
This is during our run on Saturday morning!! 11 miles at race pace, Brigitte and I did 3 extra before the group run for a total of 14.   It was supposed to rain,but held off until after our run, this explains why I am so overdressed!!!  I was regreting my clothing choice for most of the run.   I spend a lot of time worrying about what I should wear on long runs, much more time then I spend thinking about clothes for any other occasion.

After the run, I had breakfast with Hillary and Brigitte,  we are planning out our races for this spring.  Our goal is to become marathon maniacs- we shall see.  Right now we have the Big D, Oklahoma City and a trail ultra called 3 days to 100k, all within 60 days.  When we finish these we wll be MANIACS!!

Purim Party on Saturday night!! I spent the rest of Saturday making dough for hamentaschen, I had tried to make it earlier in the week but this guy kept eating the butter..
He is a very naughty dog. Obedience school is in his near future.
Picture from the Purim Party( which was REALLY fun), I was Nancy Drew, if I had my magnifying glass you would for sure be able to tell. 
Two last things that are unrelated. See this bird!! He keeps running into my bedroom window!! Every 30 seconds---in the morning, in the evening, pretty much all the time.  He is either crazy or dumb!!

Last but not least- I got up this morning to run with Brigitte,  the wind was so strong that my legs felt like a swam 20 miles all day.  It was a really tough run, it felt like I was..........running against the wind.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back Again

So, I've been a little absent from the blogging, for a couple of reasons.  One being that I haven't felt like writing, I ghost write another blog and sometimes it's all I can do to get that done.  Two, because I have been going back and forth on using a different server/getting a new look.  Truth of the matter is that I keep putting it off and all I really need to do is to commit and write, so here goes.

Daylight savings has been doing a number on me.  I actually OVERSLEPT on Monday,  I never oversleep and it has put a big damper on my week.  Nothing like waking up at 715 on Monday morning and not knowing what day it is or where you are supposed to be. AARGHH    The upside is that spring is finally almost here, it was 80 degrees today!! BEAUTIFUL1!!  I ran yesterday afternoon and if felt like it was 100 degrees, I think my body was in shock.  Today was better, run was not nearly as painful.

I recentlly read an article that said that Oklahoma was one of the worst states to live in.

There is no way that a place this pretty an really be that miserable to live in. People need to get outside and enjoy the scenery more often.