Friday, March 11, 2011

Technology at its finest!!

So we all have the conversations about how technology has changed our lives, and how we can't live without facebook, words with friends, or quite simply our iPhone as a whole.  I know I am definitely in the group that has my phone in my hand most of the time.  However, this week I had a first.....I dismissed an employee via text message.  I know what you are all thinking!!  How wrong!! How could you do that!!  Everyone deserves a face to face firing!!.  Well in my defense, she asked me if she still had a job via text message, so I figured it was ok to simply say "NO" in the same manner. 
      That is not the end of the story, for the last few days this ex-employee has proceeded to continually text message my phone with tales of the unfair treatment she has received through me! No, I have not responded, no matter how much I wanted to tell her to be quiet and quit harassing me.  So, there is a lesson here. Do not! under any circumstances! allow your employees to have your cell phone number!!!!  This person got mine when I called her to say we would be closed during the snow storm!  I should of used the land line.  So while I am a HUGE fan of my iPhone, facebook, words with friends etc.....  There are definitely situations where the old way of life is simply... much easier.