Tuesday, August 13, 2013


All day today I thought it was Wednesday--
All day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday--
All day Sunday I thought it was Monday--

I am clearly confused with what is going on-- so just a few bits of randomness while I am waiting for the Mandlebrot for Shalomfest to cool.

Me and mis amigas a couple of weeks ago.  It had rained during our entire run and we were soaked!   Anytime we have a particularly difficult run we like to document how crappy we look afterwards.  

My oldest niece Savannah turns 16 tomorrow! We had a little celebration at my parents this weekend. She is an awesome kid, I am proud to be her aunt.  However, I would reccomend that the drivers in the OKC area watch out, this kid will have her license soon.
Another photo from the festive event, the candle lighting was a very difficult process.
Last but not least,  a photo of the girls from our Young Kehilah event at Magoo's on Saturday night.  It confirmed the fact that I suck at pool, but nonetheless a good time was had by all.

Ran 4 miles yesterday with Brigitte and then speed training this afternoon.  1 mile warm up and 8x 400m with 200m walk in between and 1 mile cool down.  Speed training is not fun, it was raining this morning when I had planned to go with Jen so I went at 4 in the afternoon.  The weather said it was cool but it did not feel cool at all.    Running with my friend Brooke G and her little one tomorrow.Looking forward to catching up.

ok- last bit of randomness--my dog loves baked goods. I have been beating him off the mandlebrot all night.