Monday, February 25, 2013

Purim and Baby Shower!!

Wow!! What a fun and exhausting weekend!!  Saturday morning I had an eleven miles progression run, this means that you start your run at a comfortable pace and as you continue you progess to an uncomfortable pace.  It was very hilly and very tough, there a lot of cursing and irritation on my part but we finished and that is always a good sign. Run went a little longer then expected so I had exactlly 25 minutes to get ready for my BFF's baby shower! Holy crap!

I made it though and the baby shower turned out really nice.

Can't wait to meet Stella!!
   After the shower I went on to a Purim party.  It was a superhero themed party( remeber I Larry and I were supposed to go as the wonder twins)  instead I went as Wonderwoman.  Super fun party- not sure why my eyes are closed but anyway here is one picture of the event.

The t-shirt cracks me up ( mom I found a picture that someone posted on Facebook)!.

Sunday morning I got up early to fry falafel for the Purim carnival at the Temple .  
I made all of these, however I was also having some kind of reaction to the spices in the Falafel and my eyes watered the entire time.  I was thankful to be done,( two hours later) and my eyes were swollen for the rest of the day.  

We are having winter weather in Tulsa this week, so I skipped my run,  I will hit the treadmill tomorrow and then dinner with my good friend and her new baby, weather permitting.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lordy Lordy Look who is Forty and Snow in Ok

Lordy Lordy look who is Forty!!!--That guy-not that girl- not that fish-but that guy
He's is working out of town so we will celebrate his birthday later.  I hate for him to spend his bday alone and he really loves it when I post pictures of him on my blog --- so---Happy Birthday Honey-  I heart you:)
I tried to find a normal picture of us, but apparantely there are none.  Anyway,  for his birthday he got these...

I said they were for him but, I think I'm probably more excited about them then he is.   OKC Thunder game on a Sunday afternoon!!!  Can't Wait!!

Enough about that-Northeastern Oklahoma has finally gotten some percipitation, unfortunately it is in the form of snow. and sleet, and rain, all at the same time.    It is COLD and WET and NASTY outside.  

So, for the first time in over two years I had to run on one of these

It wasn't has bad as I thought-  I stared at that fence for an hour straight and only wanted to stab my eyes out from boredom a few times.  Hopefully,  the sun will come out soon , I don't mind the precipitation but the lack of sun kills me.  Oh, and the dog smells AWFUL.  

Busy weekend coming up,  Statistics homework, two Purim parties,  an 11 mile run, and my BFF's baby shower.

P.S. I really want to do a trail run--but I'm scared-Anyone want to try one with me?


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweetheart Run Mom's Birthday!!

Well, it is Sunday night and Larry is headed back to New Mexico, so I though I'd catch up on my blog:)  Let's see what did I do this weekend- Friday night at the Temple- the Oneg Shabbat was chocolate paradies. I hadn't had dinner yet so I made myself leave right after services so I wouldn't stuff myself with chocolate.  Now, it is Sunday night and I am kicking myself for not taking part in the chocolate fountain.  
    Saturday morning I did the Sweetheart Run, 5k and 10k,  this is a really fun run.  However, I did not like that once I finished the 5k I had to wait 15 minutes for the 10k to start.  I almost didn't do the 10k and heard several other people mention that they felt the same way.

That's me at the finish line of the second race. It's not the best of pictures but Larry was struggling to get a picture and control our crazy dog at the same time.  Right before this I was yelling at him" get a good picture for my blog"--well, it's close enough.   I also enjoyed this race because I ran the 10k with my old friend Troy-  Troy used to weigh 300 lbs - not anymore- he had a PR on this race and I was very proud to be able to run it with him.

Random note--I think Larry and I could win the Amazing Race!!

Anyway,  after that we went to my Mom and Dad's to celebrate my Mom's and my nephew's birthdays!!! I made an Angel Food Cake with 7 minute icing.  7 minute icing is a recipe that my Mom loves- my grandmothers best friend, Lillian Roberts, used to make it for her for all of her birthdays.  It is basically egg whites and sugar  in a double boiler, cooking and beating for 7 minutes straight. (Your arm gets really tired) but it really is delicious.  
This is Larry wrapping my Mom's gift in foil- I have no idea why!
This is a picture of some ribbon that we found while looking for wrapping paper that isn't Channukah themed ( we did not find any).  I have NO idea wear this ribbon came from, I'm pretty sure that I have NEVER bought anything that is gold and sparkly and just as sure that I've never bought any ribbon at all.  Very curious as to where it came from.

Last but not least- this is a picture at my parents house- my nieces, son, nephew, and brother all staring at a video game.   There are some of my favortie peeps in the world-  it makes my heart happy to see them all together.

Good night all- for a ending note I would like to repeat my random thought

I'm watching the Amazing Race right now and I'm pretty sure that Larry and I could win that with no problem!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baking and Recipe Books

My Mom and Dad came over this weekend,( to celebrate my son's 21st bday  good lawd), Mom brought me a recipe book that belonged to my grandmother and I have really been having a good time going through it.   She must have bought it in the early 1970's, I can't realy tell because the first few pages are torn out of it, however there is a section on microwave cooking and one on cooking in an electric skillet, so I can only assume that it was sometime in the early 70's.  

I found all sorts of torn out magazine pages stuck in the cookbook-  it's really fun to decide which recipe my grandmother was using from a torn out magazine page.  Considering how much I adored her cooking I'm pretty sure I can pick out what she was interested in.  

Anyway,  I also have been baking and baking and baking-- I made turtle cookies for oneg Shabbat on Friday, for Cantorial concert on Sunday, Interfaith Lunceon on Monday, and Logan's Valentinte's day party tomorrow.

This is not a great picture, but Larry said that these were the best cookies he ever had!!  They are chocolate cookies with caramel bits, pecans, and chocolate chunks.  I just ate one and they really are good.  I also made homeade snickers bars--- super delicious!!!

This is the second time I've made these homeade snickers bars, they take about two hours to make but it is well worth it!!
       o-k  enough about eating- Had a great day, got my speed training done--5 miles- 1 warm up and 1 cool down with 3 miles of .25 mile splits!!  AND  Today's is my Mom's birthday!!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day

I'm not a big fan of Valentines day-- I think it's a little silly however, I LOVE candy, and chocolate etc. So anyone that wants to send me any of this stuff
I also like cupcakes and ice cream in case anyone is interested.

    OK- on to normal stuff- It was raining/maybe snowing today so I hit the gym instead of speed training.  I will have to do speed training tomorrow regardless of the weather, so here is hoping for some sun!  Planning on doing 6 quarter mile sprints with  half that distance recovery.
   Trying to watch the Thunder game and Larry keeps changing it to UFC.  I swear sometimes it looks like they are just hugging!!  Super boring!!. So, Larry just got home from a week away for work and the dog Shadow is so happy that he is home!

Makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Unrelated note- I need a costume for a Purim Party.  Larry and I were going to go as the Wonder Twins and now he can't go.  I can't go as half of the the wonder twins--or can I.   I need some suggestions please!!