Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweetheart Run Mom's Birthday!!

Well, it is Sunday night and Larry is headed back to New Mexico, so I though I'd catch up on my blog:)  Let's see what did I do this weekend- Friday night at the Temple- the Oneg Shabbat was chocolate paradies. I hadn't had dinner yet so I made myself leave right after services so I wouldn't stuff myself with chocolate.  Now, it is Sunday night and I am kicking myself for not taking part in the chocolate fountain.  
    Saturday morning I did the Sweetheart Run, 5k and 10k,  this is a really fun run.  However, I did not like that once I finished the 5k I had to wait 15 minutes for the 10k to start.  I almost didn't do the 10k and heard several other people mention that they felt the same way.

That's me at the finish line of the second race. It's not the best of pictures but Larry was struggling to get a picture and control our crazy dog at the same time.  Right before this I was yelling at him" get a good picture for my blog"--well, it's close enough.   I also enjoyed this race because I ran the 10k with my old friend Troy-  Troy used to weigh 300 lbs - not anymore- he had a PR on this race and I was very proud to be able to run it with him.

Random note--I think Larry and I could win the Amazing Race!!

Anyway,  after that we went to my Mom and Dad's to celebrate my Mom's and my nephew's birthdays!!! I made an Angel Food Cake with 7 minute icing.  7 minute icing is a recipe that my Mom loves- my grandmothers best friend, Lillian Roberts, used to make it for her for all of her birthdays.  It is basically egg whites and sugar  in a double boiler, cooking and beating for 7 minutes straight. (Your arm gets really tired) but it really is delicious.  
This is Larry wrapping my Mom's gift in foil- I have no idea why!
This is a picture of some ribbon that we found while looking for wrapping paper that isn't Channukah themed ( we did not find any).  I have NO idea wear this ribbon came from, I'm pretty sure that I have NEVER bought anything that is gold and sparkly and just as sure that I've never bought any ribbon at all.  Very curious as to where it came from.

Last but not least- this is a picture at my parents house- my nieces, son, nephew, and brother all staring at a video game.   There are some of my favortie peeps in the world-  it makes my heart happy to see them all together.

Good night all- for a ending note I would like to repeat my random thought

I'm watching the Amazing Race right now and I'm pretty sure that Larry and I could win that with no problem!!

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  1. looks like a great time - racing and birthdays! awch!:)