Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chasing Lori: Thunder up!!

Chasing Lori: Thunder up!!: I will admit it and I am a HUGE Thunder Fan.  It is one of Oklahoma's only professional teams and they are EXCELLENT( even though I was...

Thunder up!!

I will admit it and I am a HUGE Thunder Fan.  It is one of Oklahoma's only professional teams and they are EXCELLENT( even though I was a fan those first few years when they were not)!!  They are so fun to watch--depending on the game depends on who my favorite player is.  Of Course I love Durant but I waffle between Ibaka and Collison as my second favorite. My one goal this year is to get to a game- we shall see!! 
   It was really cold and windy today and I was super tired so I skipped my run, I will pick up the miles on Sunday this week and switch this to a rest day.  Besides, I was behind on my Statistics homework and spend two hours finishing in time to get full credit.  It is so super tedious it makes me want to stab my eyes out!!!. 
   Anyway, not a lot to say, I  am looking foward to the weekend,  two baby showers-  a 10 mile run - and a Superbowl party!!!Oh and a Temple thing on Sunday to check out our new Rabbis- yes that is plural- we are getting a married couple for Senior Rabbis.  I guess two is better then one!!
  So I was looking for a picture of myself and Rabbi Sherman ( taken 35 years ago, so I could show you how long our current Rabbi has been there) which I could not find but I did find several other interesting ones.  

I heard President Obama speak at the Union For Reform Judaism conference last year.  Whether you like him or not he was a fantastic speaker and I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to listen to him.

I also came across this one-- I don't think I need to say anything else:)
For good measure- One of my dumb dog!

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Week Again

Darn it-  It's been a week since a posted and that has not been my intention.  Honestly, the only reason I'm posting now is to avoid Statistics homework but here goes.  Where to start??  I ran a 10K on Saturday morning called Go Short, Go Far, Go Very Far,  It's not a big race but it's put on by our local running store and it was really fun.

Not a great picture but I finished in 1:08, which is under 11 minute miles and very good for me so I am very happy about that(my marathon pace is between 1130 and 12 minutes a mile).  Afterwards, I went to get my hair done and then on to the Taste of Tulsa.  Taste of Tulsa is a fancy, schmancy ordeal that the restuarant donates to and benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters.  We served shrimp cocktail and saw lots of pretty people all dressed up and fancy!!

Sunday was a much more relaxing day,  Larry and I went to Walmart and then to Sams and are all grocrey-ed up.  I love Sams, only there can you find this many boxes of cereal

After Sams we came home and while Larry and I were talking he all of a sudden runs out the front door becuase apparantly the cat found this---
Yuck-Yuck-Yuck   it's a gopher or more appropriately WAS a gopher.  After that excitement I spent the rest of the day making rolls and doing home work.
This is my roll dough---before I got sidetracked watching Moonshiners and burnt the rolls!!!

This is Larry on Sunday afternoon--he fall asleep approximately 5 seconds after any afternoon sports game starts.  The sportscasters are very soothing to him- in this instance it was the OKC Thunder!-- hehe I hope he doesn't read this one, I don't think he would like that picture.

Last but not least I had Honey Greek Frozen Yogurt tonight

It tastes like my Grandmothers lotion used to smell---That is all!!!
p.s.  look at my dirty fingernail-- 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Lazy Sunday

I sat down to write today's blog and thought " I did so little today that I have nothing to say"  but alas, I always have something to say.  I'm considering going back to school to become a registered dietician,  by first degree is a BA in English so I know that if I decide to go this route I will need a few more math/science classes so I took a statistics class this semester, just to get my feet wet.  Anyway, I spend 5 hours today catching up on homework( it's an online class) 5 hours!!  Must remind myself to NOT procrastinate, but some things never change.  That took most of the day, but when I finished I decided a.) I will not be running and b.) I must cook something.   Larry is not feeling well so I made my Grandmothers lemon sponge cake for him, Grandmother always made this for my Mom when she was sick.
   My Grandmother was the most excellent of cooks, I have many, many memories of her and her kitchen,  my Mom and I are starting to work on a cookbook with family recipes and I look forward to putting some of her handwritten recipes in a form that we can share with rest of family.  Let's see what else for today.. oh yea I came out of the kitchen and saw this in my living room

 Bradley is out of town and Larry is in charge of the iguana so he was visiting the downstairs.  yuck.  Oh! Remember the table that Larry was making?? WELL, it is finally done and it looks awesome!

I needed some barbecue sauce from the store so I sent Larry and he back with these!!

Turtles make me happy!! Very Happy!  I guess that's it- no running today( it's my rest day) but, I get to meet my running buddy Brooke tomorrow for a easy 4 miles.  Super excited it's our first run together since she had her baby !!!!

Who is your favorite family cook??

How many miles are you doing tomorrow?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My poor poor legs!!

What a beautiful day!! I got up this morning and ran with my group.  It is my favorite run of the week,  we did 8.5 miles and it was mostly hills. Afterwards, I decided to go to a "fit body" class,  it's one of those classes that you do one minute cardio and one minute strength training for 35 minutes.  I've done this class before but it is especially tough after the 8.5 hilly miles. Anyway, the highlight of the day was a hike at Turkey Mountain.  
Beautiful day with my man, my dog and a beautiful blue sky!
Tulsa is very lucky to have such a beautiful place.  And it has the "Oklahoma rock" which Larry found very easily, he is a master at reading trail maps... I am not

Looks just like Oklahoma uh??  They also have a landmark called " the old washing machine"  I wonder what that looks like?

I was starving afterwards since I had spent the entire day exercising, so we stopped at target to replace a pair of pants that I had ruined and to buy some snacks.   I made beef stroganoff for dinner but was in desperate need of a little food, anyway I found this.

Horseradish pretzel  chips are very strange,  Very strange indeed.  oh yea  I also went shopping for my BFF's baby shower and saw these
NO one should drink a margarita that big, NO ONE!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chasing Lori: Miracles, Disappointments, and Blood Lust!!

Chasing Lori: Miracles, Disappointments, and Blood Lust!!: I'm going to start with Blood Lust because that is what is foremost on my mind right now.  In this situation "Blood Lust" refers to a dog th...

Miracles, Disappointments, and Blood Lust!!

I'm going to start with Blood Lust because that is what is foremost on my mind right now.  In this situation "Blood Lust" refers to a dog that has killed a chicken and wants to kill more and more chickens.  It is said that once a dog has gotten a taste of chicken blood you can't stop them from killing more.  Hence the term "Blood Lust".  I know this seems strange but bear with me.   This is our puppy Shadow

I realize he doesn't look like a puppy but, he is not even a year old yet.   THESE
are my favorite pair of running shoes right now,( you can find them at  I usually prefer Brooks brand but these are so light weight that I adore them).  You  have to realize that during marathon training there is nothing  more important than your favorite pair of shoes.  I KNOW that I have 15 other pair of running shoes but THESE are my babies right now.  Yes, I know that soon they will have too many miles on them and they will hurt my feet and I will hate them etc..  but for now, they are perfect. 
This guy....... 

 has a taste for my favorite shoes.  He's never touched a pair of my shoes before but, the other night I left them  in the living room and he chewed a little on one, got a taste and now he won't leave them alone. "Blood Lust" I tell you!!   I love this dog but I think I might love my shoes more, at least for now. I'll let you know who wins this battle.

        I had a long day at work and I really didn't feel like running, but I did it anyway.  I am super glad that I did.  Got 5 miles in while running to Turkey Mountain and back.
So, I ran to the top of Turkey Mountain and turned around and that's when I saw it.  The most glorious rainbow I have seen in years.  I just stood there with my mouth open and stared for several minutes. This was the miracle in the title,  the disappointment is that I didn't bring my freaking phone to take a picture of it. I would have really like to posted such a wonderful and glorious sight.
   All Right-I am waiting for Larry to cook dinner and watching some Natural Geographic Wild, then off to bed.  y'all have a great night!!

When is the last time you saw a rainbow??

Does your dog do anything strange? ( I could go on for hours about ours)

How many miles did you run today!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday-no wait its Tuesday!!

I had my second Monday this week, I think that the first full week after the holidays is very difficult (even though I had no time off for the holidays). So , even though work was difficult I knew that I was having dinner with my girls and that always makes it a good day!!

     These are my girls--they are both pregnant- G_d help me-haha just kidding. Meaning, yes they ARE both pregnant but G_d doesn't have to help me in that aspect, they are both still pretty awesome.  We met at an Italian restaurant in Brookside this evening, I decided it would be a good idea to run there and have Natalie take me home.  It was just over 5 miles, misting and I fell once in a pothole but all in all a good run.  I've had awful heartburn all day so I had a salad for dinner, Natalie and Rachel however ordered gorgeous and glorious pasta dishes and I was very jealous.  Dessert!!!! TIRAMISU!!!  LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY

I want to make this bread this weekend!  
I also want to see this during the weekeng!
Wish me luck to both.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a New Year and our Holiday Party

Well, the holiday season was so busy that I had to put a hold on the blogging, but I am back and determined to be more consistent with by blog.  It is a New Year after all, I am not much for resolutions but I do like the feeling of a fresh start and a few goals in mind.    My only running goals for the year are to run two full marathons and 4 half marathons.  Shouldn't be too hard,  I started training again on Saturday and ran 6.5 miles with my running group.  It's only been a few weeks since I've ran with my group and I forget how much fun it is, not to mention it was a beautiful day --makes you happy to be alive.

       After the run we spent the day getting ready for my work Holiday party that night.  I know you might be surprised that we waited so long for a holiday party but it is very common in restaurants to wait until after the holidays to have your party.  So, we made 1 20 lb. brisket

When I say we, I mean Larry.  I made a pound cake, a carrot cake and this beauty!
This a stick of softened butter, a half cup of mayonnaise, one can of olives (chopped), one can of artichokes(chopped) and 2 cups of mozzarella cheese.  Mix all that together and smear it on a loaf of French Bread, bake at 350 for about 25 minutes.  This is a slight changed recipe that I got from   She has great recipes AND she's from Northeastern Oklahoma also  (her grandmother taught my parents in elementary school) which makes us .... well nothing.  Anyway, the party was super fun and went on until 3 in the morning.  I, of course did not stay that late, I would die if I stayed up that late.   
Not the best picture of us but it is what it is!!  That was at like 1130 and look how tired I seem.  If it was 3 am I would be dying!
     Sunday, we went to see the movie Django -wow-what a great movie-HOWEVER be prepared to be in the theatre for 3 hours.  We were in there so long I about lost my mind-- really about lost my mind.

Today was Monday!! I got to work and toasted my English muffin and then dropped it on the floor-AWESOME  and thats how my day went.  Was supposed to run an easy 4 miles tonight and I lost track of time and went too far, therefore it was dark on my way home and I had to run under a the dark....  I HATE THAT!!!  I mean I really hate that, if you know me at all you know that I have an irrational fear of running under bridges even in daylight, but in the dark NO WAY.   
    Here's to a New Year and a Great Week!!