Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday-no wait its Tuesday!!

I had my second Monday this week, I think that the first full week after the holidays is very difficult (even though I had no time off for the holidays). So , even though work was difficult I knew that I was having dinner with my girls and that always makes it a good day!!

     These are my girls--they are both pregnant- G_d help me-haha just kidding. Meaning, yes they ARE both pregnant but G_d doesn't have to help me in that aspect, they are both still pretty awesome.  We met at an Italian restaurant in Brookside this evening, I decided it would be a good idea to run there and have Natalie take me home.  It was just over 5 miles, misting and I fell once in a pothole but all in all a good run.  I've had awful heartburn all day so I had a salad for dinner, Natalie and Rachel however ordered gorgeous and glorious pasta dishes and I was very jealous.  Dessert!!!! TIRAMISU!!!  LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY

I want to make this bread this weekend!  
I also want to see this during the weekeng!
Wish me luck to both.  

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