Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Lazy Sunday

I sat down to write today's blog and thought " I did so little today that I have nothing to say"  but alas, I always have something to say.  I'm considering going back to school to become a registered dietician,  by first degree is a BA in English so I know that if I decide to go this route I will need a few more math/science classes so I took a statistics class this semester, just to get my feet wet.  Anyway, I spend 5 hours today catching up on homework( it's an online class) 5 hours!!  Must remind myself to NOT procrastinate, but some things never change.  That took most of the day, but when I finished I decided a.) I will not be running and b.) I must cook something.   Larry is not feeling well so I made my Grandmothers lemon sponge cake for him, Grandmother always made this for my Mom when she was sick.
   My Grandmother was the most excellent of cooks, I have many, many memories of her and her kitchen,  my Mom and I are starting to work on a cookbook with family recipes and I look forward to putting some of her handwritten recipes in a form that we can share with rest of family.  Let's see what else for today.. oh yea I came out of the kitchen and saw this in my living room

 Bradley is out of town and Larry is in charge of the iguana so he was visiting the downstairs.  yuck.  Oh! Remember the table that Larry was making?? WELL, it is finally done and it looks awesome!

I needed some barbecue sauce from the store so I sent Larry and he back with these!!

Turtles make me happy!! Very Happy!  I guess that's it- no running today( it's my rest day) but, I get to meet my running buddy Brooke tomorrow for a easy 4 miles.  Super excited it's our first run together since she had her baby !!!!

Who is your favorite family cook??

How many miles are you doing tomorrow?

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