Tuesday, October 30, 2012

These are habanero peppers from our garden  Aren't the gorgeous!!!  Not only are the beautiful, they are probably the hottest peppers I have ever eaten in my life- and I LOVE hot food.  I can't even maybe handle these babies.  Larry put half of one in our pasta curry tonight and I was sweating like a whore in church-yes, I know very crude but very true.

These are snickers bars that I made from scratch--yes I know they look fantastic and believe me --- they are.    They are also very time consuming --So... if you get them for Chanukah or Christmas know that I love you more then life itself because if takes that long to make them.  
        I know that a lot of the east coast is experiencing awful storms but here in Oklahoma, it is gorgeous.  I mean gorgeous.  

Check out this fire we built in the back yard last night.  How can you not sit around this and think that life is fantastic and awesome!
       All right-enough of all that good stuff-Ran four miles today, even though I was exhausted because I couldn't sleep last night because the dog was snoring so loud, but I have to prepare  for my 20 miles on Saturday. Right now it's all I can think about.  As much as I love to get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and see a long distance runner----I HATE being a long distance runner.  It is painful--very very painful, and very time consuming.    On a side note- no matter how often I eat yogurt for breakfast it never ever fills me up.  If someone has any suggestions for a good breakfast that does not make me sick or starving please let me know.   By The Way  Michael told me today "if I was to ever get married,  I'd marry Lori because she is such a good cook". Thanks Michael--I think-- Please don't marry me.   THAT IS ALL

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tulsa Run and Castle of Muskogee

What an awesome day!! One of those days where the sun is shining and sky is blue and you are happy to be alive!  

This morning we ran the Tulsa Run 15k!!   This is Larry and I before and I realize we look like insane people.  Right before this picture Larry had a full mask on, and he was thinking he was very funny and clever. With that being said, the beginning of the race was freezing but after that the weather was beautiful and we both had a great run, he beat me by 14 minutes-but I'm  ok with that.  Like I always say,-he may be able to run faster but I sure can run further.

   This evening we took Logan to the Castle of Muskogee, tried to get Brad to go but apparently we are not cool enough.  Anyway,  if you have not been to the Castle for Halloween you must go.  It is really fun,  we took a haunted hay ride and went through a maze.  Both were fun and family friendly,  the costumes were fantastic and everyone there looked like they were having a really good time.  

And there was a hawk-- and you can't beat that!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm not going to talk about my eating habits today because they were awful,  I also missed my run because Bradley was having car issues-However, I have many other entertaining things to talk about AND I'm doing the Tulsa Run on Saturday and will make up for lost running on that day. So, not worried about that, planning on finishing in an 1:40.  I'll let you know.

    Larry and I have been scaring each other with a fake rubber snake that I bought for Bradley about 13 years ago( he was and still is obsessed with snakes and reptiles).  It's funny how these kind of thing magically re-appear after years of not being seen.  So, I walk in the house the other day and there is a huge rubber snake laying across the doorway and needless to say, it startled me, but only slightly.  Since then,  the game is on!!!  The snake has been everywhere--wrapped around the toilet, on the top of doorways, underneath laundry etc.   Let me show you where is was this morning

Yep!! That's my shower curtain!! very very clever--This game is and will never be over!! BaHaHaHa

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So- I've decided to go a different route with my blog.  At this point in life I am trying to balance marathon training, eating right, keeping a clean house and living a fun life, and oh yea--work and family. So I'm going to use this to chronicle my journey and keep myself on track.  Some of it may seem boring and some may seem really entertaining and I will let you decide which is which.  Today, I start this journey, so let me tell you about my day.

        I had yogourt with granola for breakfast and it was awesome.  Unfortunately, I was starving  2 hours later and stuffed myself with a chicken sandwich and bean dip, queso, and chips.  oops!!   On top of that I did not run because I used this time to clean the house, which was filthy, and get ready for the week and weekend.  My goal is to have all house work done by Saturday so I don't have to spend the day cleaning. I can do my long run and move on with the day.  After 3 hours of cleaning, Larry is making chicken curry for dinner and I am very very excited.  I LOVE curry.

   My plan is to get up tomorrow and run 10 miles before work- we will see how that goes and I will let you know.  That is all for today, except that I hate the smell of pine sol--yuck!! Does that make me crazy??