Tuesday, October 30, 2012

These are habanero peppers from our garden  Aren't the gorgeous!!!  Not only are the beautiful, they are probably the hottest peppers I have ever eaten in my life- and I LOVE hot food.  I can't even maybe handle these babies.  Larry put half of one in our pasta curry tonight and I was sweating like a whore in church-yes, I know very crude but very true.

These are snickers bars that I made from scratch--yes I know they look fantastic and believe me --- they are.    They are also very time consuming --So... if you get them for Chanukah or Christmas know that I love you more then life itself because if takes that long to make them.  
        I know that a lot of the east coast is experiencing awful storms but here in Oklahoma, it is gorgeous.  I mean gorgeous.  

Check out this fire we built in the back yard last night.  How can you not sit around this and think that life is fantastic and awesome!
       All right-enough of all that good stuff-Ran four miles today, even though I was exhausted because I couldn't sleep last night because the dog was snoring so loud, but I have to prepare  for my 20 miles on Saturday. Right now it's all I can think about.  As much as I love to get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and see a long distance runner----I HATE being a long distance runner.  It is painful--very very painful, and very time consuming.    On a side note- no matter how often I eat yogurt for breakfast it never ever fills me up.  If someone has any suggestions for a good breakfast that does not make me sick or starving please let me know.   By The Way  Michael told me today "if I was to ever get married,  I'd marry Lori because she is such a good cook". Thanks Michael--I think-- Please don't marry me.   THAT IS ALL


  1. Nice job on the homegrown peppers. Maybe you should enter them into the Tulsa State Fair competition next year lol. Those homemade Snickers look fantastic too! You should post the recipe, if it's not a secret. It is very unfortunate that there is so much chaos and suffering happening on the East Coast right now. We are very lucky to be currently experiencing nice weather but we all know that could change rather quickly. Hopefully we don't have another ice storm... Nice first blog entry. Take care! -Jade

  2. THanks Jade-- Not my first post-actually had this for a while but am trying to be more consistent read some of the old ones--they are funny