Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm not going to talk about my eating habits today because they were awful,  I also missed my run because Bradley was having car issues-However, I have many other entertaining things to talk about AND I'm doing the Tulsa Run on Saturday and will make up for lost running on that day. So, not worried about that, planning on finishing in an 1:40.  I'll let you know.

    Larry and I have been scaring each other with a fake rubber snake that I bought for Bradley about 13 years ago( he was and still is obsessed with snakes and reptiles).  It's funny how these kind of thing magically re-appear after years of not being seen.  So, I walk in the house the other day and there is a huge rubber snake laying across the doorway and needless to say, it startled me, but only slightly.  Since then,  the game is on!!!  The snake has been everywhere--wrapped around the toilet, on the top of doorways, underneath laundry etc.   Let me show you where is was this morning

Yep!! That's my shower curtain!! very very clever--This game is and will never be over!! BaHaHaHa

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