Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So- I've decided to go a different route with my blog.  At this point in life I am trying to balance marathon training, eating right, keeping a clean house and living a fun life, and oh yea--work and family. So I'm going to use this to chronicle my journey and keep myself on track.  Some of it may seem boring and some may seem really entertaining and I will let you decide which is which.  Today, I start this journey, so let me tell you about my day.

        I had yogourt with granola for breakfast and it was awesome.  Unfortunately, I was starving  2 hours later and stuffed myself with a chicken sandwich and bean dip, queso, and chips.  oops!!   On top of that I did not run because I used this time to clean the house, which was filthy, and get ready for the week and weekend.  My goal is to have all house work done by Saturday so I don't have to spend the day cleaning. I can do my long run and move on with the day.  After 3 hours of cleaning, Larry is making chicken curry for dinner and I am very very excited.  I LOVE curry.

   My plan is to get up tomorrow and run 10 miles before work- we will see how that goes and I will let you know.  That is all for today, except that I hate the smell of pine sol--yuck!! Does that make me crazy??

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