Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Visit to Woolaroc

If you are from Northeastern Oklahoma you have been to Woolaroc, not just once but many many times.  I love it there, it reminds me of childhood, and my son's childhood and OK Mozart, and KidsFest, and Buffalo Burgers, and the trash eating Buffalo etc.   So, this last weekend Larry and I met my Dad there with my son, Larry's two kids, and my 2 nieces and nephew. These are there heads afterwards!!!

Nah just kidding.. The thing about Woolaroc is that it is timeless, Timeless meaning that they have the exact same exhibits as they did when I was a kid, and the same dust!  Truly Amazing!  We had a great time and went to my parents house for dinner afterwards.  This is what occurred there....
It may be difficult to see, but that is three teenagers, sitting in a room all on their respective phones. Need I say anything else.

Enough about Woolroc.  Yesterday, I had a visit from the ABLE commission at work.  When Michael comes to get me he says "Lori, the FBI is up front to see you".   I exclaim " The FBI!! that's weird"  as he follows me to the front I hear him mumble "I hope they are not here for me"!  At this point, I lough hysterically and wonder why in the heck the FBI would be looking for Michael!!   

Last but not least- The restaurant cooled down to a comfortable 90 degrees!!! That is all.. oh and I think I have an addiction to using the comma

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