Sunday, November 4, 2012

20 miles

Wow- What a great and relaxing weekend.  Except of course for the 21 mile run I had on Saturday morning! Was completely planning on heading to the Lieberman Bar Mitzvah but instead was out running all over Tulsa for FIVE hours.  I love to run with a group but I hate the fact that every 5 miles 10 people have to use the restroom and it takes 10 minutes everytime!! oh well-It was still a great run.  I am participating in a blog contest called "Pile on the Miles". The goal is to run/walk as many miles as possible in November-so instead of adding pounds- you are adding miles.  With the one run I had in the first four days of November I'm already close to my goal.  google Pile on the Miles and check it out.
    So, the run pretty much wiped me out for Saturday and all I did was lay around and eat.  Brandon had given a deer leg and some backstrap and we have been eating deer all week.  A both lean and delicious choice of meat. Which leads me to my cooking this weekend- I made homemade English Muffins AND

   Today, I made pumpkin puree for Thanksgiving.

It's really easy--get a pumpkin,quarter and gut it.  Roast it for a couple of hours in the oven and scrape the skin off.  I like to add brown super and pumpkin spice when the pumpkin is this big.  The bigger the pumpkin the less sweet it is.  Then I freeze it for pumpkin pie, ice cream etc....  It is way cheaper and always fun to make you own stuff.

This is my cat--Can't every remember her name- we just call her cat.  She is not supposed to be inside because she likes to poop on our bed.  Somehow she always seems to be inside though.  That is her laying on my channukah throw that is on the couch. The dog has been crying all night because he can see the cat inside and is jealous.   I finally let him in and if I had audio you could hear him snoring.

2 Weeks until the Route 66 marathon and I can't wait!!

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