Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Day Before!

Well, Here we are- the day before the Route 66 Marathon and I wanted to take it easy!  So-- I ran a 5k

Ha-  I look very serious, which is funny, because in all reality I'm totally not.  I had a decent run-finished in 32 minutes.  To continue on with my relaxing, I then went grocery shopping. Wal Mart on a Saturday before Thanksgiving day is not a pretty sight.   After the grocery store, I cooked a whole chicken and then divided into 3 meals, chicken salad for Larry's lunch next week, Matzo balls because I love them and I make delicious ones, and a chicken pot pie because I need something more substantial then matzo balls if I gonna run 26.5 miles( yep .5  doing the center of the universe tour) tomorrow!wow that was one heck of a run on sentence!! I also made 6 pie crusts for Thanksgiving and pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies for the hell of it.

These cookies are AWESOME--  just  a regular snickerdoodle recipe but add a cup of pumpkin puree.(I told you last week how to make your own puree)  also (ignore the junk food cereal box in the background).  THEN I went to a reveal party, I know--what the heck is a reveal party- well my BFF who is pregnant did not know what sex the baby is but her hubby did.  So, they threw a party and bought a cake and "revealed" what they are having!! AND ITS A 


Very Exciting.  Anyway,  now I am really trying to get some rest so I'm gonna head to a bday party.  Sounds smart right! ugh!!!  Completely unrelated--

This is what our poor dog looks like when his dad has to leave for a side job after he's been gone all day.  Is it not the saddest thing you have ever seen.

Marathon tomorrow--Ill let you know-

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