Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ever been bitten by a brown recluse?? Well I have and it is not that fun.  Bitten twice actually and spent an evening in urgent care.  Really not fun!!  I have been bitten by spiders many times but never to this extent.  Whole arm was swollen and feverish so, thats why I've been MIA on the blog lately.  

Anyway, Marathon is done- Im doing a half in two weeks and will decide from there what direction I want to go.  I'm thinking MMA fighter but we will see.
         We had an event at the Temple that I ended up making 40 latkes for, I love latkes.  AND I love even more to cook with grease in somewhere that is not my house.  Much easier clean up that way. I'm now making cinnamon rolls from scratch and some matzo balls.  If the cinnamon rolls turn out well I will post recipe tomorrow.
Oh, I almost forgot we(meaning Larry) are making end tables for the bedroom out of pallets.

These pallets have the strongest nails I have ever seen!!! Also will let you know how they turn out!!:)

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