Monday, January 28, 2013

A Week Again

Darn it-  It's been a week since a posted and that has not been my intention.  Honestly, the only reason I'm posting now is to avoid Statistics homework but here goes.  Where to start??  I ran a 10K on Saturday morning called Go Short, Go Far, Go Very Far,  It's not a big race but it's put on by our local running store and it was really fun.

Not a great picture but I finished in 1:08, which is under 11 minute miles and very good for me so I am very happy about that(my marathon pace is between 1130 and 12 minutes a mile).  Afterwards, I went to get my hair done and then on to the Taste of Tulsa.  Taste of Tulsa is a fancy, schmancy ordeal that the restuarant donates to and benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters.  We served shrimp cocktail and saw lots of pretty people all dressed up and fancy!!

Sunday was a much more relaxing day,  Larry and I went to Walmart and then to Sams and are all grocrey-ed up.  I love Sams, only there can you find this many boxes of cereal

After Sams we came home and while Larry and I were talking he all of a sudden runs out the front door becuase apparantly the cat found this---
Yuck-Yuck-Yuck   it's a gopher or more appropriately WAS a gopher.  After that excitement I spent the rest of the day making rolls and doing home work.
This is my roll dough---before I got sidetracked watching Moonshiners and burnt the rolls!!!

This is Larry on Sunday afternoon--he fall asleep approximately 5 seconds after any afternoon sports game starts.  The sportscasters are very soothing to him- in this instance it was the OKC Thunder!-- hehe I hope he doesn't read this one, I don't think he would like that picture.

Last but not least I had Honey Greek Frozen Yogurt tonight

It tastes like my Grandmothers lotion used to smell---That is all!!!
p.s.  look at my dirty fingernail-- 

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