Saturday, January 19, 2013

My poor poor legs!!

What a beautiful day!! I got up this morning and ran with my group.  It is my favorite run of the week,  we did 8.5 miles and it was mostly hills. Afterwards, I decided to go to a "fit body" class,  it's one of those classes that you do one minute cardio and one minute strength training for 35 minutes.  I've done this class before but it is especially tough after the 8.5 hilly miles. Anyway, the highlight of the day was a hike at Turkey Mountain.  
Beautiful day with my man, my dog and a beautiful blue sky!
Tulsa is very lucky to have such a beautiful place.  And it has the "Oklahoma rock" which Larry found very easily, he is a master at reading trail maps... I am not

Looks just like Oklahoma uh??  They also have a landmark called " the old washing machine"  I wonder what that looks like?

I was starving afterwards since I had spent the entire day exercising, so we stopped at target to replace a pair of pants that I had ruined and to buy some snacks.   I made beef stroganoff for dinner but was in desperate need of a little food, anyway I found this.

Horseradish pretzel  chips are very strange,  Very strange indeed.  oh yea  I also went shopping for my BFF's baby shower and saw these
NO one should drink a margarita that big, NO ONE!!

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