Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thunder up!!

I will admit it and I am a HUGE Thunder Fan.  It is one of Oklahoma's only professional teams and they are EXCELLENT( even though I was a fan those first few years when they were not)!!  They are so fun to watch--depending on the game depends on who my favorite player is.  Of Course I love Durant but I waffle between Ibaka and Collison as my second favorite. My one goal this year is to get to a game- we shall see!! 
   It was really cold and windy today and I was super tired so I skipped my run, I will pick up the miles on Sunday this week and switch this to a rest day.  Besides, I was behind on my Statistics homework and spend two hours finishing in time to get full credit.  It is so super tedious it makes me want to stab my eyes out!!!. 
   Anyway, not a lot to say, I  am looking foward to the weekend,  two baby showers-  a 10 mile run - and a Superbowl party!!!Oh and a Temple thing on Sunday to check out our new Rabbis- yes that is plural- we are getting a married couple for Senior Rabbis.  I guess two is better then one!!
  So I was looking for a picture of myself and Rabbi Sherman ( taken 35 years ago, so I could show you how long our current Rabbi has been there) which I could not find but I did find several other interesting ones.  

I heard President Obama speak at the Union For Reform Judaism conference last year.  Whether you like him or not he was a fantastic speaker and I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to listen to him.

I also came across this one-- I don't think I need to say anything else:)
For good measure- One of my dumb dog!

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