Monday, February 25, 2013

Purim and Baby Shower!!

Wow!! What a fun and exhausting weekend!!  Saturday morning I had an eleven miles progression run, this means that you start your run at a comfortable pace and as you continue you progess to an uncomfortable pace.  It was very hilly and very tough, there a lot of cursing and irritation on my part but we finished and that is always a good sign. Run went a little longer then expected so I had exactlly 25 minutes to get ready for my BFF's baby shower! Holy crap!

I made it though and the baby shower turned out really nice.

Can't wait to meet Stella!!
   After the shower I went on to a Purim party.  It was a superhero themed party( remeber I Larry and I were supposed to go as the wonder twins)  instead I went as Wonderwoman.  Super fun party- not sure why my eyes are closed but anyway here is one picture of the event.

The t-shirt cracks me up ( mom I found a picture that someone posted on Facebook)!.

Sunday morning I got up early to fry falafel for the Purim carnival at the Temple .  
I made all of these, however I was also having some kind of reaction to the spices in the Falafel and my eyes watered the entire time.  I was thankful to be done,( two hours later) and my eyes were swollen for the rest of the day.  

We are having winter weather in Tulsa this week, so I skipped my run,  I will hit the treadmill tomorrow and then dinner with my good friend and her new baby, weather permitting.

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