Saturday, March 2, 2013

Golfball Hill

It has been a long and busy week-Shadow( the dog) had a small surgery on Tuesday- and did not have a good reaction to it.  Kept me up all night Thursday night-  boo- made for a very long Friday.    Let me get back to the week though, Tuesday I ran Riverside and then had dinner with my friend Brooke and her new baby Logan--  I have two picture from the event- I was able to catch this little guy( and myself) making very funny faces.  so enjoy!

then here's a normal one

Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen!!  I like him a whole lot:) 

Ran Turkey mountain on Thursday and took a couple of picture of the river.  

Northeastern Oklahoma is in an extreme drought-  I have NEVER seen the river this low and I DO NOT like it. After my run I went  and played  Maj with the ladies and had a great time.  Also, ate enough cheese to undo any excercise that I did that day.  Cheese is my downfall, cheese and chocolate, oh and bread, maybe I have a lot of downfalls.

Today I had a fourteen mile run with the first 7 miles being pretty much constant hills.  One of the largest hills to run in Tulsa is calles Golfball hill and I took my phone with me today with the intention of taking a picture as I was running up it, however I was too focused on actually getting up the hill to take a picture.  This is a photo of the top, it's a watertower that looks like a Golfball hence the name Golfball hill-

Spent the rest of the cooking and cleaning.  Chicken in the oven and bread in the bathroom-Life is good!

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