Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday night!!

I don't know what has happened to me or who I have become but sometime in the last five years but I stopped even considering going anywhere but Temple and my couch on Friday night.  I would blame my long runs on Saturdays for this change but, I've only been doing long runs for two years.  Literally, it is 8:30 and I'm wondering how I am going to stay up until 9! Very, Very, sad.... or is it?

I was looking through my pictures for some stuff for this blog and I came across this.

It is obviously a picture from my car of the view while I was driving down Riverside.  The question is WHY would I take this picture.  The funny part is that I have four of these pictures, really what could I have possibly been doing.

Anyway,  my friend brought her little girl to work this week because she wasn't feeling well and couldnt go to school.  She is super cute and fun and we love it when she is sick and has to stay at the restuarant.  We are awful, but really, look how cute she is!

AND she has a mustache!! How cool is that!!

   I had to go to Sams this morning to buy fruit for the Temple and I got myself these..
Ok, so the Naked juice is good, but have you ever had the dark chocolate covered pomegranates???  They quite possibly be the best thing I have ever eaten... ever.   That is a two pound bag and I think I ate at least  a pound of them today.  

16 mile run in the morning. Shoud be fun? or something like that.  Hope the rain holds off until tomorrow night.  I'll let you know tomorrow when I am also sitting at home writing a blog post:)


  1. She is an adorable little girl and looks like a ton of fun! Hope the run went well!

  2. I have never had dark chocolate covered pomegranates, but they sound yummy! And I bet they are good for you, too!... Dark chocolate and pomegranates = both healthy!