Saturday, March 9, 2013

Michael's Mop

I didn't take any pictures today and I am dissapointed.  I go out every Saturday morning for my long run with the intention that I will take a few pictures etc.  It never happens, I either start talking or I get tired and focused on finishing the run.  We did 16 miles today and the weather was really nice,  warm and overcast but no rain.  First 14 miles were awesome but the last two were a little rough. I think I might have gotten a little dehydrated with the humidity.   Went to breakfast afterwards and had the corn beef hash( it was awesome)!!  Corn beef and hash browns with two over easy eggs on top!!!  Afterwards, came home and took a nap,  and have been working on statistics homework so I'll be caught up when I go to the GRAND CANYON is 10 days!! Not exactly how I planned my day but, the garage will wait until tomorrow.  

     I thought I'd insert a Michael story, just a reminder that Michael is an employee who has worked at Chimi's for 23 years and he is very special.   So, he has been harrasing me about a new mop for approximately 8.4 months now, and I finally got him one.  Now, he talks about nothing else expect for how heavy the mop is! Can mops be too heavy??

Ok here's a few random pictures just to spruce it up
                              I'm gonna make this tomorrow
 Here is my puppy- he is super awesome! and very lazy!
 He also has really bad allergies and has been sneezing everywhere-- very gross!

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