Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aquarium Half Marathon and Thunder up!!

What a great weekend.  I ran a small the Jenks Aquarium Half Marathon on Saturday,  it's a small race, mostly on Riverside but it is still fun. The weather was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous so I really had a gread time.   I train with a group from Fleet Feet and here is a great photo of us afterwards!

AND one with my friend Bridgette who rocked her first Half Marathon!

Afterwards, we went to the Bass Pro Shop!  That place is like Disneyland for Rednecks, I swear, we could have been in there for hours..... oh wait we were. They have soap dispensers, pictures, toilet paper holders and all kinds of things in the shape of Black Labs.  Larry kept wanting to buy them,  luckily I refuse to have a Lab toilet paper holder, even though we have a couch on the porch right now, there are certain levels of Redneckedness that I refuse to stoop to.  I have only my Mother to thank for that.  Also, saw these ridiculess things.....

yep--- red solo cup Champagne glasses----give me a break!

Saturday night I replicated a dinner my grandmother used to make for me on special occasions- chicken pieces.  The key to the perfect fried chicken piece is to start from a chicken breast, pound it out, and then cut it into appropriate sizes.  I have to say that these tasted just like my Grandmothers and everyone loved them.   Makes me happy?

Sunday was the Thunder Game,  you may remember that I got Larry tickets for his 40th bday last month, well Sunday was the day!!  We had and AMAZING time!! If I lived in Oklahoma City I would totally have season tickets,  we will definitely be going to another game!.

That night we all went to the Chinese buffet down the street.  I don't allow seafood in my house so this is what Larry looks like at a Chinese buffet

 Hello crawfish!!!!! BTW neither one of us was able to sleep afterward because we ate too much-- oh the trials and tribulations of getting old!!

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