Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oklahoma City Marathon

I ran the Oklahoma City Marathon this weekend and believe it or not the weather was beautiful!  I really like this marathon for several reasons, one being it is close to home and I can go stay a night with my brother and visit the family etc.  Reason two being that I love the cause!  Those of us that are from Oklahoma remember the OKC bombing quite well and I enjoy being able to "run to remember".   This was marathon number 3 for me and was by far my favorite.  Running a marathon is mostly a "mental" obstacle and I had a good mindset with this one.  Wasn't worried about time or anyone else, just mainly wanted to stay away from hitting the "wall".   It worked great for me and am ready to start training for Chicago in October.

This is a really bad picture of the entrance to OKC memorial- if you haven't been there--GO 

Here I am at the finish line-  I'm not sure what I'm doing with my hands but it sure is weird.  
Larry has a picture of me walking at mile 24- I didn't notice he was there until he took like 4 photos- I'm not going to post those though, you will have to track that down on his Facebook page.
There is no shame in walking at mile 24!! Right??

The rest of the weekend we just took it easy--  Gave the dog a bath and tried to get rid of the 10 pounds of hair that is molting off him all over the house on a daily basis-

Went and visited this sweet little girl-

and cooked some dinner.  I had made chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and was hoping for some collard greens but I got this instead

Pretty strange uh?? who do you think I should contact about this??


  1. what the heck is in those cans??

  2. I THINK its butternut squash?? Larry wanted to eat it anyway but I refused.