Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dishwashers and Water Towers

I haven't been sleeping well this week so, my apologies if I am complaining a little on this blog.  It's been three night in a row with only a couple of hours sleep, but I have high hopes for a good sleep tonight.  
Complaint number 1-- My dishwasher has recently turned into a drying rack.  It does such a poor job at washing the dishes that I have simply turned it into a drying rack.

Yep- I hand washed these dishes and the put them into my non working dishwasher to let them dry.  
I've been telling this guy that its not working but he is not concerned.  He just wants you to notice how small the water tower looks from the top of a cell phone tower.

All of my appliances seem to be slowly but surely dying!  

Complaint #2-  It's getting hot-- Too hot to run in the evening--  I planned on running 4 miles today, had two super awesome miles and two super crappy miles- I have to get used to the heat again and that is not fun.  I think I might just switch to morning runs and evening strength training.  Oh and I need new running shoes- Anybody want to get me a pair for Mothers day??  I like Brooks Pure Flow:)

Complaint #3- Check out this hat

If you worked in a kitchen would you wear this hat?? Do I look French? I hope not.   

OK- I'm done complaining- the hat makes me laugh but really is this a kitchen employee hat?

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