Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I just wrote this entire blog and then accidentally deleted it, so we are going to try it again.

Marathon training began again a couple of weeks ago, I have a new mantra for this season.  "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"!! I would like to take credit for this inspirational thought, but I actually heard Jillian Michaels say it while doing one of her yoga workouts.  As I type this, I realize that doesn't fit for running but for life in general.   I recently started a new job that I have no experience in and am definitely not "comfortable", but it is fun and exciting to try something new and am enjoying it.

 Enough of that,  let see a few pictures from this weeks runs.
This is from a 25k progression run with Hillary on Sunday morning. It's about 7:15 here,  I don't care what anyone says about Oklahoma, you can not beat the sunrises and sunsets.
8 Miles Monday morning with Brigitte.  It was much too early for a sunrise.
I went crazy on fruit cutting and bagging for our lunches this week.
Apparently,  if you carry you iPhone in your pocket with you while you run or walk it tracks you steps.   During a 25k you take approximately 27,156 steps!!

Getting up super early for a 7 mile tempo run, so I must get ready for bed.   Gotta rest up for " Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable".

I promise I'll stop saying that now!

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