Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back to Blogging

So, I just pulled up my blog to see how long it had been since I posted and it has been almost a year!! A YEAR!! One of my goals for the New Years is to get back to the blog world-- so here we go:)
Nothing much to keep up on- I"ve ran a few marathon's, one ultra, and changed careers-not much at all!  S0.. Let's get to it.

  I started an Advanced Marathon Training this last year- this is my second season, it is super great but also pretty intense.  Two weeks ago I was not in training and ran 12 miles all week, last week was the first week of AMT-- I ran 41 miles!! It is crazy but really fun.

This is mi amiga Hillary and me today on a 14 miles run in 67 degree weather.
I'm not going to lie- I am feeling really sore right now.  14 miles felt really good at the time, but not so great right now.
   Feeling kind of random tonight since I haven't posted in a while. Here's is picture of my big brother and me during Thanksgiving or something at my folks house.  All the kids think we look just alike-- I'm not sure I see it!  Ha

 One more great photo of a super early morning run with my girls-  You can't see Cindy because she is taking the photo( she takes incredible photos), but it is seriously one of my favorites.

All right- going to keep this one short and sweet, just a little practice to get back in the swing of thing and I'll see you all tomorrow!


  1. 41 miles this week?? You crazy girl.

  2. That's probably why I'm barely walking tonight !