Monday, April 7, 2014

The Big D

Had a girls weekend this last weekend in Dallas with Brigitte and Hillary.   While we were there we went ahead and ran the Big D marathon.   No biggie!!  We had a great trip...  Drove down on Saturday morning and picked up our packets. 
Then headed to the West end to the Holocaust museum 
Then to the Galleria for some shopping and some food.
We got up early Sunday morning and headed to the Fair Parks in Dallas for the marathon.   It's a relatively small marathon so there was no expo. However, they did have a lot of vendors at the actual marathon.  That was fun to have something to look at while you are waiting for the start, Right when it was time to start running it started pouring down rain.   
AND it rained pretty much the entire 5 hours.  SO..... It was not the most comfortable of marathons. However, all three of us set a personal record so it was for sure a success.    
Afterwards,we got into some dry clothes and headed straight to Get a burger. 
Animal style.!!!  I haven't had a burger in a long time and it was really, really good.  Let me tell you what was not good....... The ride home.  So apparently running 26.2 miles and getting in a car and driving 4 hours is not the greatest of ideas.  The conversation got a little crazy with delirioum ...
I tried to choke myself with a medal.. We Finally got home and I hit up my BFFs little girls first birthday party.  I was only 3.5 hours late( yes I know that is horrible) but, I got to say hi to Natalie before I headed home and got directly into bed.  Unfortunately, I was not able to sleep much so I am exhausted and extremely sore today.   Tomorrow will be better,  had a great weekend with the girls---can't wait to do it again.

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