Thursday, March 27, 2014

Patience is a virtue!!

It has always been said that patience is a virtue- I guess that makes me the opposite of virtuous,becuse my patience level is at an all time low.  A new employee at work asked me where the lemons were this week and literally said--"YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THE LEMONS ARE??? DID YOU PAY ATTENTION AT ALL DURING TRAINING!"   Yea- so a little extreme- but really- you don't know where the lemons are!!   Try the walk in dummy!!
Picture of our group run on Saturday!! It was 20 miles for me- with golf ball hill included. It was a great run, 1st marathon for the season is in less then two weeks and I feel ready! It was a very exciting run, we found a dog and called the owner, saw someones underwear and then their shirt.  Was expecting to see a naked person but luckily that never happened!!

Monday, I was not having a good day, so I decided to stop at Whole Foods for something special for dinner.I got a cheddar jalapeno salmon burger patty. While it sounds and looks delicious  it tasted remarkably like the tuna patties my mom made when we were kids.  However, I did get this...
It has changed my life. Since I have been "clean" eating, I have been struggling to find chocolate that fits in my diet but doesn't taste like bakers chocolate.  I have finally found it and it has made my week just that much better!!

These are my friends Phillip and Holly, they have been trying to use the pictured coupon for 3 years.  Everytime they would try and use it the restaurant would find a loophole and tells them no.  Well, Saturday night ther were finally able to use it and I was luck enough to be there for their joyous moment. Look how happy they are!

On that note, Larry finally got home last night- he's been gone for three weeks- so hopefully the next blog will be about the huge garden that we just planted. Weather willing!

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  1. Love your run stories! Some day I will do a full marathon!