Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sod Farms and the smartest dog ever!!

Now, I know that many of you have heard stories about Shadow and the havoc that he wreaks around the house but, I always tell everyone that he is not just a big, dumb dog, but actually an evil genius that is able to manipulate both people and inanimate objects to get his way.  For example, his ability to get in and out of doors that are shut, the way he can somehow eat any item that is left out in the house no matter where it is stored.  The fact that he loves both bread and chocolate solidifies his intelligence with me,  but Tuesday night I think he has proven all his critics wrong.  Only a genius dog can put his own seatbelt on.   
Brad had taken him to Turkey Mountain and he said he looked over and his seatbelt was on.  Notice the concerned look on his face --it's probably Brad's driving, I feel that way when I ride in the car with him also.  

Yesterday, I met my friend Brigitte at 5 am for a 6.7 mile run.  We met at her house and ran in Bixby-- the different scenery was nice except they have ton of sod farms which I think is really dull farming.  If you don't know what a sod farm looks like--
There ya go--pretty exciting uh!!

Afterwards, I had lunch with my mom, son, nieces and nephew,  always a good time.  The kids are very entertaining togther.  My Mom just started a run/walk group-  I'm very excited for her, I have enjoyed my marathon training groups so much, I hope she feels the same about her new group.

Everyone is exhausted around here tonight,  I got up to run but couldnt get out of bed, unfortunately I didn't go back to sleep either.  The good news is that I ran this afternoon and the weather was PERFECT!!!  I forgot my phone so there are no pictures but trust me it was awesome.   I was going to share a recipe but I think I will put that off for a few days--  I'm afraid it's past my bedtime.

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