Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Running against the wind!!

What a great weekend I had.  
This is during our run on Saturday morning!! 11 miles at race pace, Brigitte and I did 3 extra before the group run for a total of 14.   It was supposed to rain,but held off until after our run, this explains why I am so overdressed!!!  I was regreting my clothing choice for most of the run.   I spend a lot of time worrying about what I should wear on long runs, much more time then I spend thinking about clothes for any other occasion.

After the run, I had breakfast with Hillary and Brigitte,  we are planning out our races for this spring.  Our goal is to become marathon maniacs- we shall see.  Right now we have the Big D, Oklahoma City and a trail ultra called 3 days to 100k, all within 60 days.  When we finish these we wll be MANIACS!!

Purim Party on Saturday night!! I spent the rest of Saturday making dough for hamentaschen, I had tried to make it earlier in the week but this guy kept eating the butter..
He is a very naughty dog. Obedience school is in his near future.
Picture from the Purim Party( which was REALLY fun), I was Nancy Drew, if I had my magnifying glass you would for sure be able to tell. 
Two last things that are unrelated. See this bird!! He keeps running into my bedroom window!! Every 30 seconds---in the morning, in the evening, pretty much all the time.  He is either crazy or dumb!!

Last but not least- I got up this morning to run with Brigitte,  the wind was so strong that my legs felt like a swam 20 miles all day.  It was a really tough run, it felt like I was..........running against the wind.

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