Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My name is Lori and I throw everything away!!

There is something that you need to know about me.  It is not a a very good thing but I will spill it anyway! !  I throw everything away, I mean everything.  Put a piece of paper in my hand and within seconds it is torn into little bitty pieces and in the trash can before I even realize it.   It is this fatal flaw that got me into serious
trouble today.  If you haven't seen the weather channel let me tell you that there is a winter weather crisis in Tulsa, which is why I said yes when a nine month pregnant woman asked me to do a catering for only 6 people and only 30 minute notice.( Sometimes I'm just too nice).  So after I took the order and wrote the address and the woman's phone number on a piece of paper, I promptly tore that piece of paper into little bitty pieces and threw it directly into the trash can.   I did however remember that the address was on 16th and Cincinnati so I thought surely I could figure it out. WRONG!!!   In my defense the reason that I couldn't figure it out was that the office was on top of a huge hill that 5 cars had gotten stuck on.  I won't go into the bitter details of the story but lets just say that I ended up walking up the hill with two large boxes of food and dress shoes on.   My feet were soaking wet and I was very very unhappy. 
 Just another day in the life of a trash can alcoholic.  My name is Lori and I throw everything away!!


  1. hey don't be blaming the prego people!! too funny!! glad you didn't fall...actually im surprised you didn't

  2. ... I'm inspired and liking this blog thing!